We provide a wide variety of commercial services including sales, design, installation, repair and preventive maintenance on all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We also offer residential services such as the installation of heat pumps, wall-mounted air conditioning units and wine cellar cooling units in the greater Montreal area, including Laval and the North Shore.


  • Chambre froide
  • Congélateur
  • Comptoir réfrigéré
  • Chambre congélateur
  • Climatisation


  • Salle de production
  • Chambre congélateur
  • Chambre d’entreposage
  • Chambre à refroidissement rapide (Chambre blast)


  • Thermopompe (centrale et murale)
  • Climatiseur mural
  • Chauffage central électrique (Fournaise)
  • Cave à vin (cellier)